Moded Play Store

In this article we will be knowing about various features and How we can use Lucky patcher and Moded Play store. Before going in to deep. I want to remind you. You must have rooted android device to use these both applications. If you don’t have it.

How to root Android Device: Read full guide

This article is going to be helpful if

 You want to have apps which comes under Google Verification process. This problem goes big when we download apk file from external source

 You want to purchase premium features for free

 You want to remove advertisements from apps

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Which one is good Lucky Patcher or Moded Play Store

Lucky Patcher apk  a very famous android apps for removing ads from android apps, hack in-app purchases and modify android apps. Although there are lots of apps are there for the same work but lucky patcher is so fast and reliable with 99% satisfaction. I have used this app to hack many games for removing ads and getting premium features for free. You can use this patcher to break some apps android market license verification.

Download latest Lucky patcher apk file from here : 

Actually I don’t want to provide you a link for particular version because new versions keep on coming in the market so it is better to check above given website for latest version..

Important features of Lucky Patcher:

• Custom Patch to get full version: In this section you can enable locked features in many apps for free
• Remove License verification: Some paid apps downloaded other than google play store cant be installed, but you can do install them on your phone.

After this interesting Lucky patcher app. Now its time to have a look on Moded Play store.
If you are an Android device user, then you must have installed google play store. Google play store is one stop solution for all of your needs related to applications in entertainment, games, infotainment ,work, product etc. But when it comes to download all types of apps for free, you cant do it for sure.

It is when Moded Play store comes in existence.

Moded Play store is just same in look as Original one and it also have something for everyone.
Features of Moded Play Store

• Successful offline license verification- It means when you download an app from google play store and get a key from other source then play store wont allow to install that key because i.e. fake. In this moded play store you can do it without having internet.

• Disable option newer version of apps.

• If you have already downloaded paid app from google play store you can refund your money within 2 hours and your paid version get uninstalled. But in moded play store money will be refunded but paid version also exists.

• Remember Your phone must be rooted.

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